Welcome to New York Reproductive Wellness. Established in January, 2012, by Dr. Gregory Zapantis, our office specializes in fertility and reproductive endocrinology care. The mission at NYRW is to provide our patients with attentive, compassionate and holistic care combined with outstanding and advanced medical treatment.

Decreasing stress: Fertility treatment can be extremely stressful.  Unlike most practices with large offices, long waits and sometimes indifferent staff, we strive to decrease the stress involved by providing a soothing small-office environment, scheduled and timely appointments even for morning cycle monitoring, and caring and supportive staff.

In addition, we understand modern women’s work schedules and family responsibilities.  Because of that, our office location and hours are designed for greater convenience and less stress, and we provide easy access to your doctor and nurses.

You are unique and special: Treatment protocols are specifically designed for each patient. Treatment approaches take into consideration a woman’s age, medical condition and personal, religious and ethical concerns. As such, treatment options might range from the most natural and non-invasive approaches to the most advanced Assisted Reproductive Technologies, like IVF treatment. In addition, supportive therapies such as acupuncture and group sessions are encouraged. During the whole process, Dr. Zapantis and the NYRW team are there at every step for support and advice. Dr. Zapantis closely monitors every treatment cycle, and performs each treatment procedure including intrauterine inseminations and IVF egg retrievals and embryo transfers.

In March, 2013, New York Reproductive Wellness opened its state-of-the-art IVF Laboratory, in Melville, Long Island.  With the help of our experienced and talented embryologists, we are proud to report that the success rates for our patients are consistent with the best centers in the country.

The NYRW team consists of Dr. Gregory Zapantis, Nursing Manager and Donor Egg Coordinator Marlo Gomes, R.N., Office Manager Nancy Truzzolino, Business Coordinator Lisa Lawrence and Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist Carla Conde.

To learn more about your evaluation and treatment options, to further find out why New York Reproductive Wellness can be the fertility practice you’ve been looking for, or to schedule an appointment, please call 516-605-2626.

Gregory Zapantis, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

New York Reproductive Wellness is a fertility and reproductive endocrinology practice based in Jericho, Long Island. Dr. Gregory Zapntis formed NYRW to introduce a level of attentive and compassionate care unsurpassed in the field today. At his office, you will experience a committed holistic approach that is designed to optimized your health and well-being.

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